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My 3dMarks Score Sucks

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Johnny Knoxville

May 29, 2002
I have a 2.4Ghz Pentium 4, ATI Radeon 8500 64MB, SCSI Quantum 7,200RPM hard disk for OS.
I recently upgraded my Video card from the crappy kyro 2 Hercules 4500, and i'm still getting the same score in 3dMarks(i reinstalled it and same score), i get 5400!!!!! All components are at stock speed. This absolutely sucks what the hell is going on here, why the damn hell am i getting some crappy scores?
huh with that system? i have no idea with my rig i am getting 8203 score (and you can see my CPU and RAM are bottleneck to the score)
maybe my SCSI scores are sucky in Windows XP, if i install the OS on my IDE hard disk will i get a different score on PCMark? does pcmark take account the speed of the hard disk?
make sure your drivers are installed and all...with that system you should be ripping 10000 stock....

I'm at 10400 after tweaking and o/c'ing on a 2100+ amd. my 2.53 got 9800 stock, now its at 3 ghz and tweaked and all and gets around low 11000.
I use the catalyst 02.1 6094 drivers.... but any of the catalyss are about equal in performance, if you ahve sp1 go for catalyst 2.2 or 2.3 if not 2.1. anyways, make sure your chipset driver and all those type of things are installed.
PCMark tests hard drives and application performance, so expect different scores in PCMark using IDE and SCSI.

Also, please clarify my confusion- Were those posts directed at everyone or at Mr. Knoxville or me?

you idiot, thats PCmark, not 3Dmark, no sh*T you get the same marks when you switch out your videocard, IT HARDLY MATTERS IN PC MARK. You want 3D Mark not PC Mark.
Jawsome said:
you idiot, thats PCmark, not 3Dmark, no sh*T you get the same marks when you switch out your videocard, IT HARDLY MATTERS IN PC MARK. You want 3D Mark not PC Mark.

Watch it, read the Forum Rules.
Why would you call him an idiot? It was a simple mistake. A heads up would have been much more appropriate. And I'd watch your back because the moderators really don't like that. Since they post the rules of the forum, they expect you to abide by them, no questions asked. They don't offer more than a second or third chance. One offense is too much with such a low ceiling. That was really inappropriate. People come here for help, not to be told that they are stupid. If they don't know what they are doing or why something is happening, they generally feel sort of stupid anyway, so calling them stupid really doesn't boost their confidence any.

By the way, if you want to be a mod, that's certainly not the way to go about it. They look for people that issue constructive criticism, a helpful hand, and a generous and kind hearted spirit in giving people information that has already been asked a million times or pointing out silly mistakes. I'm not trying to preach at you, but you're not helping yourself at all, in any respect, by yelling at people. Those stars are going to go to waste if you aren't careful.

On a side note, did you know what you were doing or ever make any mistakes when you joined the forum or started asking people for help (whichever came first). Cut people some slack.

that pc mark hard drive score seems really low with a scuzzy drive. a 7200 rpm ide drive will double that easily. your cpu and mem scores are pretty nice. also not that I'm condoning any name calling jofing or otherwise it seems to me that jawsomes comment was more in jest than meant in a harmfull manner. everyone makes mistakes and those that haven't have never tried anything.
perhaps it was meant as a friendly little joke, and I can even understand that, but even assuming it was, it wasn't a good idea. My PCMark scores suck too. There's something wrong with my entire computer. All my scores are low and the thing always restarts and beeps when I'm browsing the web and stuff. VERY OBNOXIOUS!!!