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My 5900X is a heater!

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I just plugged my 3 years old 5900X back in last night after seeing this thread. The reason why I suggested trying an air cooler for now is because I think there is something wrong with your loop. You are running at stock power limits yes? With stock power limits I can run my 5900X on an FC140 with no fans installed, using a stock Torrent Compact fan setup, 2 front fans. Same goes with my Phantom Spirits. But I don't run mine at stock, I run mine at 260/170/190 +200, and she will use all 260w PPT.

Fingers pointed!
My loop is clean and clear. I've flushed out my rads, blocks, res and pump. I used powdered dishwasher soap to wash out the parts. I used soft water to rinse out all the parts before reassembly. New Tubing and only distilled water. I used compressed air to blow out the rads. When new I got pieces of solder and metal shavings, but as many times as I've cleaned my rads, still no debris.

My rads do heat up and I can feel the warm air expelled out of the case. I can see good water movement in the res, so I know my rads are not clogged.

I was going to replace the cpu block. I still might.
It can't hurt to try a regular heat sink, you know what the water will do so try something different.
Thus is true. I do have an NH-D15 staring at me ;) I started playing with offset voltages and I managed to shave off 4 degrees. So now while gaming, it reaches a max of 66c. I'm just gonna leave it alone until I

A) Stretch the AM4 with a 5950X.
B) Upgrade to AM5 (Board, Cpu & Ram)