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my a7v8x-x powers on w/o switch connected!

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New Member
Jul 23, 2004
i was running a duron 1.6 ocd to 1.9
then yesterday it just shut down
so i disconnected every component and disconnected all cables from case(power switch,reset switch and lights)
nothing connected but vid card ram and cpu, then i plugd itin and it turned on! no vid and keyboard didnt work ie num lock didnt light up
i tried another cpu and another vid card and another ram stick out of my other working puter
also tried another case
but the mobo shouldnt come on without switch connected!
is it dead
also reset cmos took out battery left it overnite and it still comes on without switch connected!
it worked but i put in a geforce4 ti4200 128 meg 8x and set thebios to 8x agp
setting the apeture to 128 megs
this is when it turned off
could the agp slot be dead ?