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My active processors count is > what I have.

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Sep 12, 2001
Did I dream this, or is my active processors count > the # I have?

Unless I've lost my mind, which is far from out of the question right now, my active processor count is > the boxes I have. Even greater still than the number of boxes I actually, currently, have folding. (Not by choice. BTW, any body know where I can score some free electricity? A/C, of course. :) )

On the off chance that I have not lost my mind, :)

Thank you, to anybody/everybody who is folding for NedClocker. (And to all of those who did when I first asked for prayers.)

It is a wonderful show of your support for me and my family, and Sharon.

No one has to do that.

I know that I have everyone's love and support, regardless. And I am truly grateful for it.

I hope that I never have to give any of you the same support and encouragement that you have given me (iow, I hope it never happens to you.) But, when it does, I'll do my best to help you as much as you have helped me.

[humor] [temporary grief relief]
(I had a dream last night that, at one time, in the far distant, ancient past, I was actually in the top 10 on our team. As high as #6, at one time, I think. What a cool dream that was. But it was just a dream, I think. Yeah, I'm sure it was just a dream.)
[/humor] [/tgr]
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I have noticed that rather than the processor number representing the number of boxes you have , it shows the number of different machines you have turned work in under. Each box can have four machine numbers and if you turn in work from each diff machine number over the course of a week (from one box) then your processor count for that week will be four.


Shadow ÒÓ's after me!!!
Jan 13, 2002
Suisun City Ca. I love this Town
The active processor report on my account is just the oppisite. I have four boxen at home and my brother has three folding under my name. Stanford stats shows 1 active processor. Go figure. Its been that way for several months. I get the proper points per wu so its no big deal.

PS Its good to see you here Nedclocker.

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