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My best suited GPU :)

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Oct 29, 2008
Can anyone suggest a good graphics card that match my specs perfectly and can run modern games on MAX or HIGHish settings.

My budget is around 50-70 pounds , I've heard the 4670 is quite good, anyone agree/disagree.. Let me hear all you suggestions below :) Looking foward to them! .. THANKS :D
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Magical Leopluridon Senior
Nov 28, 2001
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No idea what prices are like where you are, new or used, but a 9600GT or 8800GT will crush the 4670 in gaming performance. In the US you can find used ones all day long for the price of a new 4670.


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
Well, unless you are playing on 1280x1024, you arent going to "max out" or run "highish" settings on many new(er) games with that budget.

I do agree though with madman007 on the 8800gt/9600gt (with 8800gt being about 10% faster) over that lowly 4670.


Jun 11, 2009
Surrey, England
Just so everyone knows
The 4670 is kinda the highest you can go with that budget. So something around that area.

The 4770 is in the price range and it's alright as well. A GTS 250 is pretty good as well. Slightly over your max budget but for 80 quid I think it's worth it.
But the 4770 is quite a bit faster than the 4670.

Hope this all helps :D

At stock the 250 is better but if your willing to bump up the clocks of a 4770 then the 4770 will beat the 250.

Hopefully this will help :)


Sep 1, 2008
Also strongly consider upgrading that CPU soon; even with a 4770 or gts250, you won't be able to max out most (if any) newer games, especially not with AA. What resolution do you play at?

I had a similar dual core CPU with the same architecture @ 2.8 ghz and it was bottlenecking a radeon x1900xt. So it will be quite a big bottleneck with a newer card.