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my broadband is giving me problems!

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Hey! I showered! Senior
Jan 5, 2002
i got wireless broadband, its suposed to be 256 but i think its higher cuz im downloading at 50+Kbs
but anyway heres how i got it
got it from ISP into my moms puter, set up for one computer, then i networked to my puter, and turned on ICS for it to use on my puter, it works great on my puter to an extent,
but on her computer, it sucks to send messages, sometimes it wont go, itll time out or something, im gonna disable ics and see what happens....
and when im downloading something its like it totally shuts down, it downloads but i try to surf and its as slow as dialup..... any ideas guys?


Jan 17, 2002
Atlanta, GA
there's not really any settings for ICS that I'm aware of, it's like a stripped down version of NAT. I use it for my network right now. This computer is connected to my cable modem, my other nic runs to my switch and I have two other computers in the other room connected to this one. Mine works fine, all computers get full speed internet access.