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my case...finally done!!

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Senior Member
Jul 28, 2002
Boise Idaho
below are the pics i took with a camcorder running through my all in wonder horrible quality but i think you get the idea for now. enjoy!
Wow dualies watercooled! :) very nice... I like the backside view... what is the rectangle cutout under the radioactive symbol? Looks kinda weird (just my $0.02)... I'm not trying to attack you, just constructive criticism... anyway looks good! :)
How did you do that front bezel, it looks like a formed piece of a acrylic or something, very cool. You definitly love your windows! You even have one on the side with nothing. LOL!

Overall, I think it is very cool, NJ.
the acrylic thing on the front is actually part of the original case it's a smoked plastic color. And on the side with nothing i'm going to do a frosted flame job on the acrylic. thanx for the kind words :)
the waterblocks are swiftechs, the ones that use the ziff socket lugs though because the dual tyan board doesn't have the mounting holes :( the cdrom mod will be a window with some nifty etching, i'm not sure what yet and then an led to show it off or something like that.