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My case mod - tell me what you think

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Jun 7, 2001
Ok, so I put a 120mm fan over the agp since all I'll have is the vid card and nic. I've got a 92mm delta directed right to the swiftech 462. I've put larger feet on the bottom of the case and put a 92mm delta blowing in and direct over the motherboard towards the ram. The psu sucks air out and I have another 92mm delta blowing out in the 5.25 drive bays as I only have 1 drive of the 3 I could. This is a smaller size (17in) case so having this many fans for it should blow tons of air in reference to its size. I only wish I had a digi cam to show you it.
I'm going to be testing it all out tmw. If the fan in the drive bay doesn't do much good I'll be cutting a hole behind the mobo and cool it from the back, around the cpu ofcourse. I'm going to try and find a fan for my northbridge.
putting a better HSF combo in will cool your northbridge much better then putting or aiming a fan at it. also they have done test and it showed that by putting a fan on the backside of your MB that it only cooled the CPU 1C more but it will show a 5C difference when you check your temps you think your getting a cooler CPU but what is really happening is that your cooling the thermister under the CPU and that is whats showing up when you check temps i did this mod and i ended up taking the big fan off because i want to see exactly how hot my CPU is without having to guess on what the real difference is i did leave a small fan on though just to help remove enough heat so that the backside of MB tray is not warm anymore.
does anyoe know if the heatsink on iwill's kk266 is good or not?
Remember the best air flow is a "Z" pattern from front to back of the case. Be careful directing fans in different directions as they can begin to work against each other. Also, try to neutralize pressure in the case or have just a slight positive internal case pressure to keep dust out. You can add up the CFM rating of your fans going in and out of the case to get an idea of the overall pressure.