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My CD-RW went "POOF"

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Jun 7, 2002
My friend just gave me another WD 40gig 7200 and I decided to put it in for extra storage. When I connected everything and turned it on I noticed that I smelled burning electronic. I than noticed my CDRW light was not turning on at bootup. I opened it up and it certainly did smell like it had been fried. What could have caused this problem?

During the bootup I had running
AMD Tbird 1.4 with Thermaltake Delta heatsink
MSI KT3 Ultra
512 DDR PC2100
2 WD 40 gig 7200 (not on raid)
1 Maxtor 40 gig 7200
Soung Blaster Live
ATI Radeon 8500 128meg
Creative CD-RW
DLINK netowrk card
4 Case fans

Was this to much for a 300w PS?
Damn, that T-Bird must run hot. :eek:

Unless you shorted wires somewhere, that CD-RW shouldn't have gone poof. Although, frying from *lack* of enough juice isn't beyond the realm of possibility, either. My burner just spits out the tray when it doesn't get enough kick.

And yes, that looks to be a bit much for a 300W PSU.
wow, my 300watt HS handled alot more then that. 3HDs, CDRW, DVD drive, 6 case fans, GF4 4200 w/ cooljag, LCD, 84cfm sunon, 512 PC3000 & close to max voltages on CPU, DIMM, & AGP buses.
Maybe my PSU didnt suck as much as I thought lol...I wouldn't think that could fry a CDRW, weird