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My cheap 450w PSU beats the more expensive 400w Heirolchi

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Mar 10, 2002
I've been using HEC 400W LDT for 6 months, until recently I bought 2 more harddisks.
The HEC (Heirolchi) was apparently running out of power, giving me 4.4 - 4.5v for +5 rail which
has caused random reboot and harddisk corruption. The +12v also down to +11.8v

In curiosity, I took out my old 450W cheapy PSU, Nippon brand from an unknown company
in Taiwan which cost me only $20 last year. The HEC was supposed to replace this cheapy
PSU because I thought HEC should be better.

What I don't believe is that this cheapy PSU is performing unexpectedly much
better than the HEC itself. It gives me 4.75 - 4.78v and 12.10 - 12.22v. My system runs

Based on the specs, HEC should be stronger in the +5v and +12v. This cheap PSU does not even
show the combined power info just like any others. What I don't expect is that it performs
so much stabler under load. The voltage rails seem to dive a little when I run HotBurn at High
priority, giving me +4.73v and + 12.09v.

This +5v rail is indeed very good since all AK31 mobos have +5v rail problem (normal at 4.75 - 4.8).
So 4.75v is within normal range for this mobo. It does not even dive badly under stress.

I guess I'm just a lucky case, but this proves me one thing: Not every cheap PSU is crapy.

The PSU is now driving :

- Shuttle AK31 v. 3.1
- XP1700 --> 2.3GHz (144 x 16) at 1.7v
- 3 x 256MB PC2700
- 6 Harddisk (2 x 120GB, 1 x 40GB, 2 x 20GB, 1 x 13.5GB)
- 1 CDRW
- 1 AGP Cards (Geforce 4 4200 128GB)
- 6 PCI Cards (TvTuner, DMXFire Soundcard, Firewire, SCSI, Modem, ATA133 Raid Controller)
- 8 case fans (0.2A - 0.3A each)
- 2 CPU Fan (0.55A and 0.32A)
- 2 ColdCathode light tube
- 2 EL Wire

Quite a lot of hardwares.
Not bad for a $20 PSU. I still couldn't believe it myself.
I feel stupid spending about $60 for HEC to replace it six months ago.
Now, the fact is....it even replaces HEC !!!