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My close shave today...

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Jan 6, 2001
Stafford, Virginia USA
I had a close shave today. My wife called me as I was arriving at work and said that there was water on the desk...and that she wasn't sure what it meant so she shut the computer off.

After walking her through the process of disconnecting the cables, and taking the cover off of the computer, we discovered that my reservoir had begun leaking and the pump was draining the cooling system of fluid.

Luckily she noticed this early on, because the reservoir was only half empty (half full?) when she opened it up. It appears that the system is just fine and all of the electronic components stayed dry. Now it looks like I am in the market for a new reservoir. Funny thing, I was thinking of doing a re-design of if anyway, but needed an excuse to change it since it was working just fine. I had gotten to the point where "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" was the watchword of the day.

The moral? Never get complacent with a water-cooled system.
I keep my res outside the case.

I remember once I used a bucket of water for testing, big bucket. It must have had a hole in the bottom. Next morning I put my foot down on a soaking wet smelly carpet....

good thing I hadnt put any bleach in yet!!!
### UPDATE ###

It's alive! God bless my lovely red-headed wife, she really did save the machine. I put a HSF on the chip that I had in the toolbox, fired it up at default, and here I am! I think I should buy her something special for Mother's Day and her birthday. What do y'all think?
well you should always get her something special, but yes, you owe her one for her quick actions.

And yes, if you put bleach into anything, it will smell like bleach does, mostly chlorine, and also bleach the carpet. Glad everybody has gotten lucky with their resevoirs.
You are very lucky!! Thank god your wife loves you more than mine. She would let the damn thing burn. LOL! :) Glad to hear you didn't lose anything though.