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My comp crashes due to my graphics card?

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Feb 7, 2001
ok well heres the story, i have a leadtek geforce 2 64mbs gts. and when ever i play almost any game my fps will drop from like 70 to like 7 then lagg hella bad and sometimes crash. iv tried every driver out there and they dont help. iv tried to do the 3dmarks 2001 and 2000 benchmarks but they alwas crash and freeze my computer. so im kinda lost. the only way i will replace it is if i can do a hardware test to see if it is truely faulty and needs to be replaced. so if anyone can tell me its bad or knows a program thet will test hardware and not software that would be great! well thanx for the imput, i hope to hear from anyone soon.
This definitely sounds like either a driver issue or heat. If you've tried every driver, try taking the side off the case and putting a desktop fan so that it blows air onto your motherboard. If you don't get any more problems, then it's heat: get a better cooler for the video card (or the CPU as the case may be).

If you just built the system, try reinstalling the AGP drivers for the chipset on your motherboard (the drivers should be on the cd that came with your motherboard)

Those are generic answers...to tell you much more I'd need more info about your system....

1) Did it ever freeze like this before?
2) Did you build the computer yourself (and if so, is this your first time)?
3) Motherboard/CPU/etc?
yep, tend to think this is a heat problem also.......have a buddy w/just about the same problem and can't get him to try anything i tell him so lets see if you will (see the 2nd post)..............let us know if cooling turns out to be the problem.............
I also have the leadtek card and it works very well. I'm running the latest Detonator 3 driver and i dont have any problems. Though it does sound like heat is the problem. Check the fan on the card and see if it spinning and you might want to move the card under your agp slot for more air space.
well first check to see that you have dma enabled on your hdd , this is a major performance killer , secondly what is your fsb settings , if they are to high for the card to handle it will cause these problems , and third , the direct x 8 caused all kinds of crashes in my games so this could be the problem.
ok well ill test out the heat factor which it might be the cause for the crashing. cause my cpu does run really hot around 54ºc at idle temp. but would that cause the fps to drop so dramatically? well ill try putting a big *** fan right next to the computer to see what happens. if i still have problems ill post a new message with more specific problems that im having. thanx again.