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MY Computer Store???

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Jul 25, 2001
Austin, tx, usa
This is an idea which i have been toying with. I thought that i may open a computer building company on the internet to you guys to build and configure systems for customere. The way i was going to define myself from the others by building "quality computers".
What i mean by "quality" is better than a DELL or a Compaq ect. I would explain how their computers are propritary and mine would be fully compatible with the normal computer standards. We would be custom orders meaning you could only buy custom computers and we would offer up to some amount of modding done to the computer.

Do you think that this could actually work. This would be my frist bussiness and i need to be careful. Any suggestions, comments Questions. My target market wouldn't be hard core computer modders as found here so much, but more of the somewhat computer educated and don't want to go through the trials of building their own systems.



Jan 12, 2002
down at fraggle rock
somebody else on the forums had a similar idea. It's not bad, but the hardest thing for the little guy to deal with is customer issues.

If they have problems with a system they bought from you they're gonna expect you to fix it......whether you or your parts caused the problem or not.

That can be time consuming and frustrating for just one person to deal with, and word of mouth from one unhappy customer can do a lot of damage (even if you go the extra mile).

Sometimes it seems like your profit can be consumed by time+expenses that you spend dealing with potential problems.

My $.02 anyways.


Feb 10, 2002
Norman, OK
If you have nice prices and good rating i will buy from you for sure :D . I like to build the computer by myself is safer and you know what are you getting. Is not a bad idea but computer business is hard to do, harsh competition, price fluctuation. And usually you don't get more than 10% of the value of the product sometimes you even hav to loose some in order to sell. Not for me.