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My cpu's temp. 50c ~ 55c (full..above 55c),then.. do I have some cooling problem?

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Jul 11, 2001
Lexington, KY
My cpu's temp. 50c ~ 55c (full..above 55c),then.. do I have some cooling problem?

I have TB 1200(266) @1400, 10.0x140, core-1.85v.
eventhough cpu runs at 1200, its temp. is always above 51c.
I have Fong Kai 603 and HS -- WBK38
In my case, do I have some cooling problem?
or... it is just normal?

Thank you guys!


Senior Member
Jan 23, 2001
Do you have any thermal paste applied? I suggest Arctic Silver II. That should drop your temps by a good 5C atleast.


Don't know how hot the TB's generaly run, If my celly ran thet hot I would defenatly take the FSB back to normal intul i got better cooling, what are your temps @ default. I would try to stay within a few degrees of that, but better cooling is always a good thing, so if your are really conserned about this I would get a better HSF, better safe than sorry, right.


Jun 17, 2001
What are you using to measure your temps ?some of the mother board probes are off by 8-10 degrees celcius . What board are you using?