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my crazy noise reducing blowhole duct thingy...

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Jan 8, 2002
Boulder CO
i mentioned this briefly in a different post (http://forum.oc-forums.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=79197) but here is a duct i made for a alpha 8045... for whatever reason, i could not figure out why, my temps were much worse when i put it on my heatsink....

i bought some of that magic fleece stuff from plycon.com and it did reduce the soundlevel briefly on my pc but because of all of the case fans i have, it did not work very drastically.

i have a 92mm blowhole on the top of my pc. what i did, was essentially put the duct on top of the blowhole but inside the duct, i put some of the magic fleece in it. This cancelled the fan noise probably 70%.

i highly recommend other people w/ blowholes try this... if you dont wanna spend all the $$$ on magic fleece, than try it w/ foam or carboard.... oh yeah, the duct needs to be pretty long so it can suck up more and more sound... here are some pics of it... it is not the prettyest thing in the world, but hey, if it works :beer:
Looks like what I'd call a muffler or a chimney. I like the idea; still thinking of making one myself. The higher temps are probably due to a reduction in air flow. It happens. :)
Hey, as long as it works who cares if it's ugly? Function is greater than form in my book. :D I've had the idea to do the use some sound absorbing material that I have to make a "quiet duct" which I'll implement eventually.

Thanks for sharing your ideas, they help us all.

if it works a little then why not. Great idea and thanks for sharing it with the forums:) I just installed a plexiglass duct myself and will get pics up as soon as i can,
I am going to make 2 more ducts for my back exhaust fan and my psu exhaust fan to further reduce the noise.... i still dont know how i am going to get them to stay there though... probably with lots and lots of tape! hopefully, this will reduce the noise even more....

oh yeah one more question to those of you w/ lianlis also, in the side of the case above the pci cards, there are a bunch of holes... do you think that i would see any case temp increase if i covered the holes w/ magic fleece? currently my case temps are 23 C and i dont want it to get any hotter than 26C
I did the same thing about a month ago.
I just cut up a netgear nic box and used lots of ducttape...
Works great :D