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FEATURED My DIY SimVibe racing rig

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Ha, no prob. It was just the first thing I thought of when the video started :D

It looks like an awesome project/hobby and I can tell you're enjoying it.
RIP Andrew Scott Reisse :(

My first Podcast Episode is live....I don't have my Rift yet, but I do some preliminary work here, talking about the various sims I plan to cover with the Rift kit :)
Good podcast, it is interesting to see the new sims out on the market. I have a arcade game need for speed hot pursuit limited edition and a sim F1 2002. Is there any sims games that use DX11?
Thanks wingman :) Yes, most of those do use DX11....I'm sure about DiRT3, Project C.A.R.S. and Assetto Corsa. I'm pretty sure rFactor 2 and ETS2 also use DX11....but I'd have to double check.
Concerning good graphics...keep an eye on Project CARS and Assetto Corsa :thup:
I play IRacing and love it.

I was looking into Pcars but was turned off by some of the information I came across about how it is being handled.
Rumors of bans for voicing opinions, this lovely little thing you have to sign.

A second part of your 'job' is to make sure that the game is shown properly and promoted to the 'outside world', i.e. on the internet outside the forums. That means that you can tell everyone about the project and encourage them to join, and when promoting the game through videos or screenshots you should make sure that you stress the good sides and not what needs fixing or what is absent. When making pictures or videos of problems with the game, post them only on the WMD forums or use links that are 'private'.

From what I have read recently, it also seems to be going in the arcade direction.
Thanks Soulcatcher668 :) I try to steer clear of controversy....I take things as them come and tell it like I see it. I will not be biased in my videos due to pressure or incentive...and when I am biased, I'll tell you straight-up (as I did concerning my preference for iRacing). :thup:
Nicely done MIAHALLEN, thanks for the write up.

On a side note, the 4x100W amp that had the two dud channels was probably caused by loose inductors. I too was delivered a couple boards with this issue, they were pretty easy fixes though as the seats for the inductors can be easily soldered (rather than trying to bake them to refloat the solder).

Again, well done.
Thanks PropNut, I did a quick visual check and didn't see any issues, but could have missed them. Good info for anyone else who might come along though, thanks :thup:
Got my Rift dev kit and prompty recored Episode #4 for my podcast:

Hey MIA, watching the vid right now. The embedding is broken though, you didn't use the tags properly. You must use the video ID, not the whole YT address to use the yvid tag. Just so you know for the next time! :thup:



Hey guys, I've got a couple updates to post...I just moved back to the US and decided it was a good time to rebuild the bottom piece of my rig. So, you can see the results below:

th_newbottom2.jpg th_newbottom3.jpg th_newbottom4.jpg th_newbottom5.jpg th_newbottom1.jpg

I also wanted to mount the pedals on rails so I could adjust them for shorter people (like my 10 year old :))

th_newbottom6.jpg th_newbottom7.jpg

My next task will be mounting my new Acura TSX powered seat on the rig....check my other thread for those details LOL :)

So, I've just completed a major update to my rig. I got a new power seat out of an Acura TSX and mounted it. I also recently rebuilt my PC putting it into a smaller case. And I've rerouted wiring for a much cleaner look.

The rig has incredible flexibility now, anyone from 4ft 6in to 7ft 6in could easily be comfortable in this rig :)
The seat move 8 ways, and the pedals slide forward & back, and the screens can be moved up and down as well....