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My Enemy Dust!

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Sep 12, 2002
This is not really a overclocking issue its more like a heat issue. I have a light film of dust on the heatsink and fan and the computer has slowly been getting hotter and hotter along the way.

Not knowing alot about heatsinks I would assume that as the dust builds up the effenceny of the heatsink is lost because the dust is messing up heat dissapation. So I have 2 questions.

How to prevent/ or slow down the effect of dust building up inside the machine?

How to safely clean the dust off the heatsink/CPU/motherboard/drives?

I have tryed to dust computers off in the past and always had problems and screwing other things up. Dust is bad I know... but what can I do about it?
I do keep a clean house btw. Dang Dust :D

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Jul 16, 2001
Scotland - And don't you forget it!
Clean dust - compressed air/large soft brush

Prevent dust - put a filter over your fans. Use Scotchbrite, or use the material from a pair of tights (pantyhose if you're that way inclined:D) and ensure a positive pressure inside your case (IE, more air blowing in than out)


Jul 7, 2001
I've found that positive case pressure alone does nothing to stop dust. You have to put filters over all of your air inlets in order to successfully eliminate most dust problems. It's just easier to do using positive pressure, 'cuz you only have to put filters on the fans.

Other good filters are furnace filters. Very cheap, and can be cut to whatever size you need.


Oct 23, 2002
I bought a blue air conditioning filter at Homedepot, I may use it, but I'm not sure, it looks pretty thick. And the fibers look like they can come off. I dont want shredded blue fibers making their way into my case!


Mar 31, 2002
waukesha (the 'Sha) Wisconsin
I have a Lian Li case, and I have replaced the stock filter with household air vent filters.

The product is called Vent Filters. Electrostatic Register Filtration.

They are made by WEB and have 12 in the package I bought. At first, air flow was reduced a bit, but after the first rise, seem to be working well now.

Oh, yeah. Bought them at Home Depot :)( )