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My Extremely Efficient Cooling Solution.......Check It Out.....

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May 25, 2001
This is a somewhat large undertaking.....but I was exited and somewhat motivated to do this project. Normally I couldent give a rats *** about something if it didnt work right. But this is my pc. Very expensive equpiment. And I want to test out my engineering abilities(ok so im 18 but itll be fun...) So my old k6-2 550 ram at 107....i had four fans....2 80mm...one in lower front sucking air in and one behind cpu sucking air out. One cooler master on the cpu and a hard drive cooler woth no hard drive in it to blow in air under the cpu. I cant complain. But when I got my 900mhz athalon....i saw temps of 135. I was pissed. I called the guy who sold me the mobo and cpu(and yes...he is a great computer expert too) and he told me 130 was fine. Im not going to take it. Someone told me that over130 was unacceptable. Dammit i want 110...hell i want 100. And I think I can do it too. First off...Im ditching the lameo 80mms i have that i took from old power supplies. I have a piggyback fan setup that I bought with the mobo. I threw on a heatsink twice as large and added the two fans...i noticed a few degrees f cooler....but 131f is TOO MUCH. Here are my plans. I plan on getting 3 120mm badasses. Im cutting out a large portion of the inside metal of the front of my case and making a sort of grill for the plastic and painting it so it doesnt look crappy(im very asthetic). Im mounting one of the 120mms in there. Then I have to yet again cut out a chunk out of the back area behind the cpu for exhaust. Ill leave in my hard drive cooler with no hard drive to let air in through the front under my cd rom. This idea had been going through my mind all day at work. THEN walking home I got a GREAT idea that was inspired by the duct cooling article here. My idea is to cut out room for a 120mm on the side of my case right along side the proc. Then I plan on having the 120mm blowing in air down into a channeled area right over..yup you guessed it...the processor. I think if its airtight (i plan on using cardboard and duct tape) then it will shove and ungoldy amount of fresh air right over that steaming cpu. Im still considering exhaust....and i dont know what i should do about that. Any coments or suggestions would be appreciated. Also later tonight(cause im an insomniac...staying up all night reading posts here) im going to take some cardboard and seal up the space between the two fans to make it more efficient. Any comments on that would also be welcome. Tell Me if you guys think it will work and give me any advice....i need as much as i can get.
Hi Justin, I am running a system close to what you have in mind except using 80mm fans. The side fan is ducted on to a FOP32-1. Sorry I am metricated but you can convert if you need. I am the UK and it is still quite cool so on average I have a case temp of 22C and currently my temp is 25C and under full load (Prime 95) I hit 45C. You will see from my signature that I am well oc'ed. The noise is a bit irrtating and currently thinking seriously about water cooling.
Justin, I am thinking of doing the same thing only with an 80 and not sealing up the ductwork. I will have the 80 in the side, and 80 in the front, blowing in. For exhaust, I have and Enermax 465 with a 92 and an 80 blowing out. I can also put a 60 on the back panel blowing out, still thinking about that though. This will be cooling an AYHJA 1333 on an I-Will kk266. What do you think?
Justin, "Piggy-backing" or "stacking" the fans like that rarely works. I managed to get away with it with my Cel 400 (oem), but from reading what others have posted on the subject, I was the only one that got any drop in temperature from it.
This is how I have my case setup up and I can't find a way of getting my temps down so I must be getting something right. The circles are all 80mm fans, my intake and exhaust are pretty balanced (slightly possitive pressure). The top 80mm fan is directly in front of the cpu and is the same rated fan (47cfm) so it gives the cpu fan cool air.
Both passive and active "Blow Holes" and "Ducted Blow Holes" are probably the best additions for putting the fan on your HSF to work helping remove heat from the case. They also make certain the air reaching the HS is as cool as possible. The only drawback, as I see it, is they provide a convenient escape point for the HS fan noise and ingress for dust, directly into the HS fins/pins, if they do not have a filter on them and still, but to a lesser degree, if they do.

Shoot, I forgot to mention that dust ingress is a non-issue when the "Blow Hole" is exhausting. Nice setup Phil.

Dust is a real pain, as soon as I can be bothered I gonna get something to filter it out.
Tell me about it. My whole house is on an Electrostatic Air Scrubber and we never open the windows, due to my wifes allergies. I have not put a filter on my "Hoot Chute" centrifugal blower and last night, I took it apart to inspect brush wear. Boy the cage and wheel had a fine patina of talcum powder sized dust on them. No bunnies though. It would take a pretty fine filter to remove this stuff. Not sure what to do about it. I don't want to introduce too much resistance. Perhaps a modified automotive air filter. They sure come in a lot of form factors now.

But unless you plan on water cooling everything you will still want to have case fans which means dust. I might design my own direct die water cooler this week as I've got a bit of money spare. I'll write it up for spodesabode if I do