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My findings on some top Hsf's

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Mar 4, 2001
System Specs:
Tbird 1.33 @ 1.5 gig
Swifty MC370 lapped HSF
Abit kt7a,384 mb. PC150
20 gig.ATA 100 7200 RPM HD
Leadtek Geforce Ultra
Mats.DVD/ + 8x8x32 CDRW
Antec SX830 case w/4 fans
Rounded cables
SB LIve, and D-link Nic

The HSF' s I tried were:

Swiftech MC 462 w/ delta 68.5 cfm
Swiftech MC 370 w/ Papst 33 cfm
Millenium Glaciater
Thermalright SK6 w/ Mighty Machine 40 cfm and Funnel

Artic silver was applied properly
all hsf combos were installed flawlessly

Guess what? The MC 370 w/ the 33 cfm fan gave me the lowest temps and allowed the highest Overclocking WITH THE LOWEST VOLTAGE (1.5 gig) 10x150 @ 1.75v

Now say what you want, but I think alot of HSF reviews are a big bunch of selling hype. And I won't change HSF's again from my fine little swifty aluminum (quiet) baby again.
I kinda find this hard to belive.. What are you using to monitor your temps?? Use motherboard monitor 5.08 this program has been very accurate for me.. Sorry I can't believe you but I've never heard of aluminum out performing copper, it's theroretically impossible.
I own two of those above heatsinks and they are well above my expectations for air cooling..
1) Swiftech 462 w/ 68cfm delta running seti 24/7 93-95f [email protected] 1.94Vcore
2) Thermalright SK-6 w/ 38cfm Delta (60x60 Delta fan) 102-105f running seti 24/7 w/ 1.2@1475 2.05Vcore!! You need to lapp this cooler heavily before achieving these temps These coolers were machined worse than a $5 heat sink if you ask me... used 600-1000-1200-1500-2000 (wetsanded for about 1 1/2-2 hours)
My aluminum ThermoEngine with Delta fan outperforms my Glaciator. I've lapped both so that I could signal airplanes with them if need be.

I can't explain it but I've tried everything and it just beats it hands down.
Yes , I believe your thermoengine outperformed the glaciator. I lapped all the heatsinks tested, and I do believe that design is more important than which metal is used. Of the 4 tested, the Glaciator was the worst, then the SK6, the 462 was second best. So they can have the copper. I used Via Hardware monitor to monitor temps. With the mc370 I get 28C idle and 41C under load. I think the mc370 is the best design and performer out there for the $. And anyone has a right to disagree, but they will never convince me otherwise, because of the time and $ that I spent.
If you put a Delta 60MM 38CFM on the SK6 it will be much better than the sunnon 40cfm with the funell
the sunnon on the funell does not move enough air for the SK6 to perform to it's potential. As far as the
ThermoEngine goes it's design give lower than actual temps. I acheived a much better O/C with lower temps when I went from the ThermoEngine to the SK6. When I converted my SK6 to the Mighty Machine my idle and loads temps went up from what they were with the SK6 with Delta 60MM 38 cfm from lack of air flow. I know a lot of former MC370 owners switched to the Swiftech MC462-A
with the 80mm delta that saw a large improvment over the MC370 but if the MC370 works best for you thats great.
Thanks Randy for not ripping me a new a**hole. Your finding are very relevant and I guess this shows a good point. That no matter whats tested, there will always be varying results from system to system. This was the point i was tryng to get across, that, "what works for one, may not always work the same for another". So always take reviews with a grain of salt.
Jon (Aug 02, 2001 01:17 p.m.):
My aluminum ThermoEngine with Delta fan outperforms my Glaciator. I've lapped both so that I could signal airplanes with them if need be.

I can't explain it but I've tried everything and it just beats it hands down.

Got some question about the ThermoEngine.Plez Help me::::::
1) I noticed that the contact between the cpu and TST is slightly off centre . Will this affect the performance of TST? If Yes then how to correct it?

2) I want to use on PIII socket 370.......I got the impression that the pressure on cpu core is not enough..or am I wrong?

3) The Temperature gain on my CUSL-2 with TST over stock HSF seems not so big.....I wonder why? the temp reading is using MBM5.06 ambient = 32C idle=40C load = 55C on PIII 700@868
For long time I heard somebody singing about TST and it would be ultimate relief for me to hear from you.......pleaaaaaaaase and in advance very big ...............THANK YOU
I am from HongKong and always wish I was in US(u guys always get the best no hard feeling s for other things but the computer parts is another thing.........errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh
JTC (Aug 02, 2001 07:45 p.m.):
Guess what? The MC 370 w/ the 33 cfm fan gave me the lowest temps .

I guess you knew people would be skeptical. Now if you had ripped the Orbs or the Thermoengine, about a dozen people would have chimed in.(even though they are fine HSs)

The hard one to understand is the MC 362. In your case, how much worse was it than the 370? Did you try it more than once to make sure the contact was good and you didn't mess up the heat compound application? No offense, but I personally have gotten somewhat different results when I have redone the HS mounting. In particular, sometimes I have gotten the heat compound on TOO thin.
I think you are referring to the 462. That was the one that really baffled me the most, having all the top ratings. Man, I remounted that thing 6 times, lapped it with 1000 grit, tried slightly varyinging the artic silver. All in all, it was only 2C warmer under load than the mc 370. But that was a huge disappointment when expecting it to cream the other 3. I think the valuable lesson here it that, - There are a ton of variables in overclocking/cooling and not everyone will achieve the same results. I wont flame anyone for saying their Glaciator Kicks *** etc, as long as they realize that the next person may not get the same results. I am a perfectionist and was extremely careful in everystep on this project testing the 462, Glaciator, SK6, and MC370. I have a strong feeling that the design and mounting setup of the MC370 has alot to do with the sucess on MY system. I'll stay w/ it.