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My first custombuild PC ever

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Mar 13, 2016

my name is Jaiel, Im 26 years old and live in Germany. I am studying Computer Science and my hobbies are.... :p ok enough with introduction at this point.

So I am building my first (watercooled) PC ever.

Here is the Hardware I have allready ordered:

GPU : GTX 980
CPU : i7-6700k
MoB : Asus MAximus VIII Hero
RAM : G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4-3000
PSU : Corsair RM750i
SSD : Samsung 850 EVO (500 GB)

On top of that I am going to make it a water cooled system with hard tubing.

The case I want to use is the ThermalTake Core P5

It will then hopefully look like this one but better :p


I am also planning to do some 3D prints to have side panelsfor the case, since an open case is not that good because of the dust and no control over the airflow whatsoever.




Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Water cooling will negate some of the need for controlled airflow. The fact that the case is open, it should vent heat well enough or at least I think so. This will be a kick *** machine when you are done. Getting a clean look like the one shown will take a lot of patients. Using hard tubing requires a lot of exact bends and cuts. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress and then the finished product. Thank you for sharing.


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
Like the looks of that! Plan for having extra tubing on hand because it's likely some mistakes will be made in the cutting and bending until you get a feel for it. Unless you are a plumber by trade, that is.

I've never done hard tubing before. Will you be using quick disconnect fittings? How difficult is it to remove components for cleaning and flushing when the time comes?


Apr 12, 2014
^^ this ^^

many don't thi9nk ahead for maintenance ease

it does look like a cool build, can't wait to see it come together :)


Mar 13, 2016
Yeah I allready thought about it. I want to to install a drain valve near the pump or sth like that.

I guess the Radiator and Graphics waterblock need to be unmounted everytime to be fully drained though. But I think you cant use quik disconnect fittings with rigid tubes, if I get trents right...

Maybe wont be that much of a hassle to drain the system...

Also I have allready planned ahead and know how to upgrade my PC build after I have installed the current one. Maybe someday I will go with copper tubes, it will be surely easy to cut the right length, because I dont want to bend my tubes and go with 90° fittings, so that I can use the current ones as a blueprint for the cutting process.

And maybe go to a glass cutter and make a tempered glass front instead of the acrylic one, that would be nice too.

But yeah thats future. Future Jaiel will handle it ^^