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My first peltier?

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Door Knob

Feb 9, 2001
I have been reading up on overclocking for a little while now and I think that I want to get my first peltier with air cooling. My case has very good ventalation runs at 30C overclocked so I don't think the extra heat wou be a big problem. I was just wondering what you guys suggested for a simple affordable but effective setup. What am I going to be looking for in a power supply for wattage, like can I get a real baddass one that would run it and everything else in my case? That would be nice to do because I don't have any space for another power supply in my case and I don't want to have to go buy a nice tower. Also what do you suggest for air cooling, peltier brand and size, and how much I am looking to be spending. Thanks for sharing your experience.
www.leufkentechnologies.com sells some nice peltier kits. You can get them with or without a heatsink. However if you get it without a heatsink be sure you already have a killer big heatsink.

300W PSUs are usually big enough for Intel CPUs and a Peltier up to 72W. But if you have a lot of drives, or plan to use a larger peltier, you will need a larger PSU. Many folks seem to like the Enermax 430W PSUs. The Enermax430's offer lots of current on both the high and low voltage rails, so they are perfect for peltiers.
I started with a Tom Leufken 50w petlier. It's made to run on the PIII Alpha I have. This is on a 250w PSU with no problems.

Gonna go bigger when I can get a bigger PSU, Possibly a 72w or 85w.

Also if you vent the air from the cpu straight out of the back of the case, It will not raise your system temps at all. Thats what I did. And it lowered my system temp from around 37c to about 28c. It raised my cpu idle temp a few c. But lowered it by around 6c or 7c while under a load. Hence I got a little more stability out of it.
If you're going to be using an external PS, get the biggest, meanest Peltier you can afford. Then if you don't need the capacity, just lower the PS output. It leaves you room to grow. Millsec.com has a 156W
unit with the 50x50mm foorprint. That's 156W at 15V.
At 12V it's down to 124W, basically 10W per volt.

Went to that site,,its under const..is that link correct??
I think I am going to be looking for a 50watt Luefkens peltier kit. My current power supply is only 250, so that way I shouldn't have to get a new one or get an external. I figure this setup will be fine for my system. I checked out millisec's which is a pretty good site but they don't have a 50 watt peltier setup. Is the 72 Watt too much for my power supply?
I have a 50W peltier and two things to report. A) My PSU did not like giving 4 amps of 12V current to it and B) It was insufficient for an OC'd CPU running 50W. Idled nice, but fell behind rapidly at moderate and high CPU loading.