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My first (planned) build: AMD 5900x and RX 6800xt

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Bar Weinig

New Member
Nov 16, 2020
Hi all,
I'm going to type a Wall-O-Text, but for the TL;DR just read the blue text.

I need some more knowledgeable eyes for the details in my planned build. I have been researching for a month now, but getting into the nitty-gritty using Google, isn't great. I found a thread on this forum discussing exactly one of my main questions, so I think you guys might be able to give the insights I need to make my choices.

Goals of the new build:
I have some cash to spent and switching from my older laptop to a new PC might be a great investment. I have been doing some video-editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. It is slow on my laptop, but it works. Until the moment I want to encode the video... Then my laptop just crashes. To give myself the chance to develop these skills, this is my main reason for buying the PC. It does not have to win the speedprize (I'm not going to buy a Threadripper), but with the components I'm going to buy, I'd like it to be balanced.
- PC needs to do video-editing and encoding well.
I have always done quite a lot of 3D drawing, using AutoCAD, SketchUp and CoralCAD. As far as I'm aware these aren't as PC-taxing as blender, but still.
- PC needs to do 3D drawing well.
I do quite a lot of gaming. I'm not a hard-core FPS player, but I do enjoy FarCry, Elite Dangerous and No Man's Sky, which do have some fast paced components to them.
- PC needs to do gaming well.
If I'm going to spent a lot of cash on quality technology, I'd like to spent the time to take it for a spin.
- It would be nice to play around with the bios and do some basic overclocking.
I do have an artistic eye and looking at the custom watercooled builds does inspire me to at least want to have that option in the future.
- sub-goal: Good options to switch to custom watercooling.
While doing the research, most of the components on my list are non-RGB. This means: adding RGB components now, would look weird. This adds two more sub-goals:
- sub-goal: All components preferably non-RGB.
- sub-goal: Add ARGB-lighting through LED-strips (later to be replaced by lit custom loop?).

Components pretty much logged in: (Now ordered)
Case: Phanteks P600S.
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900x.
CPU-cooling: AMD Wraith Prism. (or a Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280)
Mobo: MSI Meg X570 Unify.
Storage: Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 SSD 2TB.
PSU: Seasonic Prime PX-850. (returned a 750W because the RX 6900x has 850W recommended PSU)
Monitor: LG 27GN850-B.

Still not decided components: (Now ordered)
GPU: Heavily leaning Radeon RX 6800xt, or should I reconsider a Geforce RTX 3080 because of the Adobe compatibility? (I know: still pretty speculative)
RAM: RAM is the main question: see my separate post in the memory forum.

EDIT: I've decided to buy a PowerColor RX 5700xt Red Devil for now. The supply and pricing of the new cards is insane. I'll reconsider later... I've also order a set of Team Group Dark Pro 2x16 GB 3600GHz RAM-dimms.

FYI: I'm not in a hurry. I am going to wait for tests of the main brands for the GPU, so I don't expect to build the PC before January. Waiting for components that you might know about coming out, wouldn't be a problem either.
Thank you for any insight you can give me!
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Your proposed build looks fine to me! For your question about the 280 Liquid Freezer II vs the 360, I'd say the 280 is just as good. 360 may just allow you to run quieter. If you haven't already, check out GamersNexus on youtube. They have reviewed the ArcticFreezer AIOs, and they have a long-running list of AIOs. Last I knew, the Arctic was right at the top for performance.