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#$*@! My GoldenOrb just died!!!! Need replacement! NOW!!! :)

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New Member
Dec 20, 2000
Can you believe my luck, just when I got my computer all stable after months of tweaking my GoldenOrb decides to die. Before I ask for a good replacement I would like to ask how could this happen and if it can be fixed? I've never seen a fan just die, especially just after 1 year of use. I'm not sure if this caused it to die and I don't see how but I had to restart my computer about 25 times every 15 seconds in between because the motherboard decided to not detect my keyboard.

O.K so let's get to business. I need help choosing a good replacement. I not only need good cooling but it has to fit. You see there are 2 things that have to be taken into account.
First, the Socket 370 cooler cannot be much wider than the cpu at the base. As you can see from this picture: http://www.ecs.com.tw/products/graphics/b-p6bata+.jpg there is a huge resistor right underneath the cpu socket. This has led me to actually cut the Golden Orb a bit inorder to install it.
Second the drunk who designed my case has put the powersupply about 3 inches above the cpu. So the taller the cooler, the less airflow it will get. It would be best if somehow the air would flow through the sides instead from the top.

Normally I would choose myself but I know almost nothing when it comes to fans, I just got the goldenorb because it was the lastest crave back then ;). Also I would like it to be one of the fans from these two sites. These are the 2 best local stores I know.
http://www.amkcomputers.bc.ca/socket270_copermine.htm -all cooling
So please help me choose, I need a replacement soon and not too expensive too. Also keep in mind the restrictions mentioned above. Ah I can't take this low speed, please help soon :D. Many thanks.
Have you ruled out the fan header on the board burning out? Its unlikely, but could be a cheap fix if it turns out to be the problem. Just a thought.
an Alpha Pal6035 should do the trick better than the Volcano2. Vantec has a square hsf that should work well.