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My GPU makes my PSU coil whine...

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Jul 12, 2002
After some testing I have come to the conclusion that my 980ti is causing my PSU to coil whine...constantly...it's not a high pitched whine but a low buzzing...

I don't recall hearing any coil whine with my 970 so I unplugged my 980ti and used onboard graphics and voila, no coil whine.

I'm pretty sure this is a "live with it type of scenario" but I thought I'd ask just in case someone has come up with ideas other than the OCCT burn test.

I have also tried to enable Vsync in NVIDIA 3D settings to be on constantly and this did not help.

My GPU is not overclocked but even if I run my OC settings, the whine is there.

I've already addressed the issue with EVGA but their reply was that high end GPU's could cause this and getting a replacement PSU will most likely not fix it.

Thanks in advance
Does changing the voltage and frequency of the card help?

1Kw platinum?? I hope you planned on 2+ 980Tis...
I bought the PSU bc it was a steal (it was a one day sale or some such on newegg). A 750W G2 at regular price was basically around what I paid...

Please give me some tips on changing voltage/frequency. Other than overclocking, not sure what to do exactly.

I would try basic stuff like making sure the GPU is properly seated, and all power cables coming from the power supply are fully seated.

Next, I'd try a different surge protector that the power supply is plugged into.

So I think I may have found a solution...

Seems the coil whine is triggered by using "Adaptive Power Mode" in NVIDIA 3D Settings. I have it set to "Performance Power Mode" and the whine is gone.

So now I have to weigh the options of whine vs warmer idle GPU temps :p
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Seems I can't spell...

Yeah that's exactly what I do, sit staring at the temps :)

It's been stupid hot all summer as I'm sure it has for most of you so every extra degree counts right? :D
Stupid hot indeed. But, no temp worries here.

I have to honest and say that I don't look much anymore after my overclock is set and tested. I don't push the overclock, so my cooling isn't pushed... so if we get stupid hot, I still don't have to worry. I find I enjoy my computer more when I'm not sweating those details as I used to. :)
Myself I found that I don't even really need the OC to maintain 60fps on all my games. I did set the core to 1500 but I'll leave the mem at stock...
GPU Gigabyte

EVGA would RMA the PSU no problem but would that make a difference? Doubt it.

The sound was a low pitch buzzing which I originally mistook for what a HDD spinner constantly spinning would sound like.
The PSU would not help if it is not making the Buzzing sound. What does Gigabyte say about the buzzing that sounds horrible.
EVGA PSU buzzing that would be rare. How did you separate the sound so you know it's coming from the PSU?