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My homemade watercooling setup is complete!

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Apr 8, 2001
The setup is complete, im still waiting on the waterjacket and the processor (and the motherboard/power supply/case/ram/video card :)). But here are the details.

Pump/reservoir-- I used a magnum HOT canister filter (for aquariums-- http://www.thatpetplace.com/cgi-bin...=F22+0221+0190&TRAN85=Y&EDP=11631&PRT=D&GENP= )
The reason I used this is it is a pump and a reservoir all built into one and I had one lying around from an old fishtank... price $0
Radiator - Heater core from super trak - price $23
waterjacket - MAZE2 from dangerden
+ water wetter (with shipping).... price $65
tubing at HD (10 ft of 3/8" ID and 10ft of 1/2" ID)... price $6
metal hose clamps... price $5
120mm fan for radiator + arctic silver + shipping... price $25
look on my parents face when I told them this was for my computer... priceless :)

so overall the total price for this is $124, and it seems pretty quality. Its a really high quality waterjacket, the pump does about 250gph and the pump is external so little heat will get in the water from the pump. These canister filters are a pain to bleed, but once it is bled I wont have to worry about it again. The radiator is made of copper and should work well. This is for a smokin' hot 1.33 bird so it will be the ultimate test of the DIY water cooling setup. Once i get the rest of the stuff ill report on how well it works. And if anybody is interested ill post pictures of it.

Sounds good, keep us updated. check my sig for my setup Im building and check the journey part.

You might still have a problem with condensation. I had it set in REAL quick with no heat load and no cooling.

But maybe not.

Test your setup out of the system first.

0dan0 (Apr 10, 2001 07:45 p.m.):
look on my parents face when I told them this was for my computer... priceless :)

I love it! Post some pics.
I think there is gonna be a slight change of plans. I found a mag 2 in my room that I had used a while back but I had replaced it with an eheim. The pump needs a new impellor but thats it, and I think I am gonna use a mag instead. It is more compact than the HOT magnum and it gives a little bit more flow. And the plumbing is a bit more safe.