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My k7ama ecs board

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New Member
Nov 9, 2002
I have an ECS K7ama board and was wondering if it was possible to overclock it? I have a Volcano 9 (selectable speed) fan&sink, plus a case fan and good "ventilation" in my case. If you know how to, could you give me the version that a monkey could follow?
I would really appreciate it! I have a Duron 800 and 256 meg of DDR.


Aug 17, 2002
Saw your post and felt sorry no one had answered...

That board can overclock a little (look at the other posts). To do this you need to change the fsb speed, little by little. The FSB x the multiplier = actual speed in Mhz. Increase by the smallest increments you can, and run the computer intensely (sp?) for at least 30 min until you are satisfied that it is stable. If the computer locks up, back off on the speed (you may have to reset the bios to change it back down).

Note: Increasing the FSB usually increases the PCI bus speed, stressing your cards in the white slots.

Note again: You may have to unlock your Duron to change the FSB or multiplier, I forget which. Somebody will correct me. Do a google search on that.

Still Noting: BE CAUTIOUS!