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My Kyro II doesnt exist ! ! !

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Mar 13, 2002
I have an apollo Kyro II card, and I have looked for hours to find one picture of my card on the net and havent been able to do it.
Its not a Hercules Prophet 4500. I need to find a voltage mod for it, so I can OC it. If anyone has seen or has a Kyro II by Apollo, and knows how to do a Voltage mod, I would love the help!

I can post pics tomorrow, I think. Anyway, its blue and has the ram all on the top, but in different places than the three other Kyro II cards I've seen.

Joytech strikes again. They are one of those OEM's that don't do any (major) advertising. Sometimes I wonder if they wan't people to know that they are making their products.

That looks like my card in everyway except the chip on the right is much larger and some other stuff is out of place.
My card has that same ram layout as that and the color is the same.
I would say you just have an older revision of this card. Manufactures have been known to user smaller die IC's as time goes on and also change some small aspects of the card as new revisions are made, but I would venture that this is still the place where your card came from.
Thats what I figured was the case...
I am amazed someone found it without my pic or anything, not that a pic would count, because I have bigass homemade ramsinks on it.
I intended to do a volt mod, but when I looked into it, it wasnt anything like other Kyro IIs I've seen.

My luck sucks, the main reason I needed to know my card's manufacturer was, the drivers were getting ****y. I downloaded all the drivers I could find for all the Kyro II's.
The problem I've been having is anything running OpenGL freezes about every minute for about a minute. The monitor shakes in the corners and drives me nuts, at every refesh rate an res. I cant figure out why it shakes more at lower res or at every refresh rate. I just cant fix it, I guess its time to retire my Kyro and move on to a Radeon 8500 LE.
I think I will buy it from best buy, because I'm hosting a 40 person LAN at my house next weekend!