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My latest mod...

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Dec 10, 2001
Southern California, USA
well lets see...
first i was looking to lower temps inside my box... so i moved all my harddrives to the 5 1/4 drive bays and took out the lower drive cage while the temps dropped a bit i thought i could do better... so i set out to make more room inside my case.... i have a abit kr7a-raid mobo and the socket for the cpu is close to the back of the board and with my swifty mcx462 it leaves very little room for the rear case fans so i decided to try to mount the fans on the outside of the case well after an hour with wire cutters i finally managed to get em to snap into place now the fans are mounted on the back and the temps dropped 5 deg centigrade....
What are you using to monitor the temps? If you are using the in-socket probe then the fan might work a little but is probably cooling off the probe. You can get a temp monitoring device at Radio Shack with a probe and a digital readout for around $5. You can also get a device such as Digital Doc to monitor many temps and control 6 fans. Or a Compu Nurse is the same as the RS one.
oh sorry
in that case good job
are you going to add ne more fans? You could lower those temps even more. I currently have a 92mm intake and 2 80mm exhausts and am about to add a 120mm intake.