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My load temps suck!!!!!!!!

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Apr 17, 2001
I have an Intel PIII 700 and I o/c it on my Asus CUSL2-C. I am using an Enlight 7237 case with 2 80mm case fans. My heatsink is a copper OCZ Gladiator with a YS Tech fan. My load temps can reach 50C. My idle temps are 34C. Is there any way to help this? I really don't want to add any noisy fans. The system is already loud enough for me. The system runs at 1000mhz but performs best at 980. I think it must be because if the temps.
did you lap? did you use asII or the silicone junk that some ppl send?

if you used asII did you remember to put only a very thin layer?

here is a worst case scenario, you lap your HS and polish it, then you put on too much asII. no way your gonna get good thermal transfer like that.

if you lap remember not to lap too fine, prob like 600 grit.

w/ asII remember to only put a very thin layer, remember copper to core contact (direct contact) gets you the very best heat transfer, after that, any dips, scratches, bumps anything that prevents perfect contact between copper and core is covered by AS II.

if you have a polished hs on top of a core (basically polished) and you put too much asII on it, you've basically created an asII barrier that will prevent good thermal transfer.