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My new idea for an air-water heatsink

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Feb 7, 2002
What if some one made a heatsink than mount with a a fan on top but it side it would be hollow and full of water. And the fins could be really thin with water in them. Wiht a high cfm fan, this might work good because the water can be cooled easily and if the water is cold then the copper hsf will stay cool and so will the cpu. Or some kind of system like this. This would be nice because it requires no closed circuit watercooling or anything. no pumps or rads or anything.

maybe smone could mount a fan on toop of of a waterblock while the watercooling was running.

maybe do that with no watercooling...

maybe even take off the top with no water inside and run the fan to cool the channell....hmmm

now I'm just getting crazy...
im going to try a similar idea, sticka pelt on top of a waterblock with a fan cooling it... or i could do your idea....
masked take te pelt aproach and have it air cooled. this will act as a pelt chiller. if u use a hatesink and fan ontop of the water block your temps may actually raise a few degrees. (not for sure havent tested this matter)the raise would be due to ur case temp being higher than the outside air that is hitting ur rad.creatin the heatsink to add more surface area for the case air to warm the block...
Water that isn't moving just plain sucks at heatspreading. Your copper hsf would be much better all alone.

Now I've always been intrigued by the waterblocks that were made with a backup hsf on top of them, not a bad idea to have some backup considering the cheap pumps that are about these days.
The drawback to the ones I've seen thus far are that they are poor waterblocks to begin with. Maybe silver soldering a good copper hsf onto the top of a copper-topped maze 3 or something like that, where the waterblock isn't a design compromise to begin with.

You may or may not see better temps with this type of setup, but like I said...the backup would be nice.;)
Well, creating a air/water heatsink would be a major exercise in compromise. :p The best w/b's have central impingement (directly over the core.) This is also where the air would do the most good. It would seem that the 2 methods are in contention.

That being said, I can see a way in which it would be possible to use both methods. Just don't expect stellar numbers when compared to any dedicated method.

hrm. if you fill a HS with water and use a fan to cool it (if i read correctly) the surface area would just be decreased. what if you turned your mcx4000, say, into an actual block with water flowing through it from a pump. maybe put some plastic sides or build a copper enclosure and then have coolant flow through so its a water cooled regular HS. anyone try that?
i wonder how well an slk800 (low speed 120mm fan w/ adaptor) and a pelt would cool. would the pelt get too hot and die?
nico3k probably, you really have to watercool a pelt, there was one person who did a writeup on overclockers.com about an aircooled pelt but still didn't perform so well...
i have a water cooled heatsink, ready for mounting, but i lack other equipment