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My new water cooled setup

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Apr 16, 2001
I recently moved from a PEP66 with 2 fans blowing trough to the setup below and I haven't seen a dramatic increase in performance.Basically about 4-5 degrees C. Let me go to 1.89V but the temps are still a bit high for me (46-49). I have a copper shim and cold plate on the way hoping that it will more evenly distribute the heat. Also I'm not getting really good airflow through my heater core... can barely feel anything on the other side. I have the fans mounted to cardboard and sealed to the core for testing... Looking for ideas. Was really counting on the surface area of my waterblock to come through for me.

Asus a7v133
duron 700
kingmax 150 tbga
home made waterblock
amd approved heat sink enclosed in acrylic with jb weld
glass resevor (can't spell for sh!t) with a submersible pump (120gph)
Caravan heater core with 1 90mm and 1 80 mm fans
old celeron heat sink on chiset applied with JBWELD (this WAS effective)

notes: I lapped the heat sink AND the cpu and used arctic thermal between.
Temps were 48 to 52 before it bacame unstable at this voltage
with the PEP.
You said you're using a cold plate between the cpu and the waterblock? Is that really necessary without a peltier installed? I'm guessing that both the coldplate and the waterblock are copper, and if they are, all you doing, IMO, is giving the heat more material and more gaps to travel across before it contacts the water.