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My new water cooling system

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Apr 16, 2001
home made block from AMD approved aluminum heat sink covered in acrylic with JBWELD..

Caravan heater core with 1 90mm and 1 80mm fan. (not enough air is going through) I mounted the fans to a cardboard plate and sealed it to the core.

I have a glass resevor with a 120gph submersible pump.

I even lapped the heat sink (waterblock) AND CPU. Arctic silver is between the two (thin layer) My problem is that my temps are still too high. (46-49) I really thought that the surface area would be my savior.

I have a copper shim and cold plate on the way in hopes that it will transfer the heat out a little better.

I really don't know how to improve the airflow through the heater core aside from buying a box fan to mount it to.


P.S. Sorry if this is a duplicate post. The other one didn't seem to show up.

duron 700 @ 133 fsb by 7.5
1.89v core
Used JB weld to fasten an old celeron heat sink to the chipset (very effective)
kingmax 150 tbga ram
elsa gladiac mx oc'd slightly (180 x 180)
no offense, but i suspect it is your block, the pros make dozens of prototypes before they make a design that works! you could test your system with another waterblock and see if your temps drop, if they do, back to the drawing board
I'm beginning to think the same thing... I think that the water might not be circulating close enough to the core. The bonus is that it takes over 5 minutes after the pump goes out to see a difference in temp with all of the surface area. I'm thinking of getting a copper heat sink to mod next. I'll have to put more thought into this one. Still. I think I should be doing at least a little better.