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My newest mod

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that looks nice....i assume VU is some sort of voltage meter or something.

Do the lights light up in conjunction with how much power's being used or something? how about a little walk through?
Here's the other one. Oh and this was complete kit with all parts with it, I only had to solder them into place.
Yeah I bought the kit. Got it from Bebek, it's a finnish hobby shop for electrics and such.

But the kit manufacturer is Kemo Germany, I don't where other place these would be sold.
sweet! were did you get this, when i get a cool car with a cool system i want to put a similar thing on the doors! so its like the thing in the winamp were when it bumps it goes along with the song!!!
Like previously asked, can you maybe list the required materials. i am not very good at reading electrical diagrams expectually when they are that blury. I don;t know what some of the stuff is suppose to be like the squares W/ IC1 and IC2?
Ok I try to list the parts.

IC1 = IC-chip, U254B
IC2 = IC-chip, U244B
2 IC chip slots, 8-connectors
D1 = silicon diode, model BAV 21 or 1N 4148
L1 to L7 = Green LED
L8, L9 = Yellow LED
L10, L11 = Red LED
C1 = Condensator 0,068ìF (micro if it doesnt display the letter correctly)
P = trimmerpotentiometer 22 K
R1, R2 = resistors 1,1K
and 1 epox circuit board, 92*46 millimeters.

I don't know if I translated all parts correctly, or if that's any help at all but there they are.