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My old 7 years system won't power up. Need help

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New Member
Mar 14, 2023
My old system:
Asus Z170 Formula III,
CPU: intel i7 6700k,
32GB Ram 3200.
A few M.2 and x3 SSD.
NVidia RTX 2070 Super
Full Tower Corsair Graphite 780T.

So PC was off. We had an electrician coming to Pat Test the apartment. When he left the PC wouldn't Turn on. I don't believe it's related though. I've sensed my computer would soon start to fall as I build it on Feb 2016. But other than that, it was working like a charm.

I used to build thousands of new computers as I worked as an IT Tech and manager for many years.

The aura lights of the motherboard are on. But the system won't start. No beeps or error codes.
My first thought was the PSU went bad. Pressing the power button many times did nothing.
So I replaced the PSU with new Corsair RM1200x Shift I bought to upgrade this system(but on Thursday I'll receive the final component for my new system.).
Swapping the PSU did nothing... motherboard not starting only Aura lights.
Then I unplugged the power button cables but touching with a screwdriver both pins did nothing. Next day i turn on the PSU after connecting it again to the wall. Touch the pins and started up, but the monitor, network cable, mouse and keyboard were disconnected. So I powered it off, reconnected the monitor cable, mouse and keyboard and dead again.

CMOS battery problem: I've still haven't changed the battery as the motherboard is still inside the case and the Asus Formula VIII motherboard has a stupid bad design which leaves the battery hidden under the Armor/shield. To access the CMOS Battery I need to remove the back armor plate to be able to remove the front one.

So now the problem points to being a battery problem or another component of the motherboard.

Tomorrow I'll take out the motherboard from the case, remove both armour plates and see if replacing the battery helps.
I'll be receiving a new external Power button tomorrow to take case's power button out of the equation.

But I'm wondering what else could it be the problem.. if I'm missing something...
I need to access the old system to save the data I have and the drives configuration as I had it etc.

I hope to get an insight to my problem in the old system before I build my new one. If anyone has any idea, please let me know...


I'll be upgrading to an Asus Z790 Hero, 32GB Ram DDR5 6400mhz CL32, i9 13900KS (Pcores locked at 5600mhz undervolting 100mv for a 125-130 TDP), Asus Ryujin II 360 (replacing all 3 fans with x3 120mm BeQuiet Lightwings stronger but less noisy fans), WD black edition SN850X 2TB for the new windows. So the system will be ready for a new Nvidia 4000 series in the future.
Did you try disconnecting everything except what was necessary to boot? As long as you have a CPU and RAM installed there should be some Q-Code displayed on the motherboard LED when you try to start the computer.

If you start with the minimum components it will eliminate a lot. Some people might pull the motherboard and place it on something non-conductive like the box the motherboard came in.
Yes I did take all components out leaving the essential ones. Tomorrow I'll take out the motherboard, take the silly armor plate covering the battery, replace it, and put it on top of the new motherboard's case and check the situation. This is one of those hard to find problems...
That's the last thing I have left to check tomorrow... well, today Wednesday already :)