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My orb exploded

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I'm a little teapot Senior
Dec 17, 2000
Montana, USA
Lost 2 fan blades on the sucker. Had a fan attached to the side with twist ties, and one of them got in the blade. Didn't like that.

Anyway, what heatsink would you recommend for my system. Im thinking either FOP 32 or PAL 6035.

The really sad thing is that it cools just as well with 2 80mm fans attached with duct tape and twist ties as with the real orb fan.
Try a FOP 32. It’s cheap, relatively quiet and just plain works. It’s also AMD approved. While AMD’s ratings may not be real important to the overclocking crowd, some of the “high performance” heatsinks have too much mass (PEP66, Swiftech, Hedgehog etc.) This means it is recommended that the heatsink should be removed for transport. Real convenient for LAN parties! The FOP 32 does not suffer from excessive mass.
Or you could always attach a 60mm box fan atop the orb if you have the room. Put screws into the mounting holes on the fan shroud once you place it atop the orb. Then tighten the screws down inbetween and along the lengths of the cooling fins. Cools better then that cute little fan that they put inside of it. A difference of some 7` degrees C. for mine.