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My overclock

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New Member
Dec 17, 2003
Ok I know you must get these questions a lot but im a newbie, so bear with me.

I own a BARTON XP2500+ on a soltek golden flame mainboard. I have a thermaltake volcano 9+ coolmod heatsink over it running at full speed 5200rpm in an antec aluminum lanboy case. Its running at a fsb of 333 (factory setting) and I was wanting to overclock it… I was wanting to increase the fsb to 400 so that my memory DDR400 will perform at its fastest.

a) Is this a realistic overclock, with the voltage up to say 1.7V?
b) Will I have to increase my AGP speed?
c) How much more heat will I get from the cpu?
d) I have my ABS II setting at 80 C is this correct?

Right now the cpu die is at 52 C and the ABS II is at 66 C is this what its ment to be???

Thanks so much!!!!!



Feb 19, 2003
Northants England
A) it might be ok even at stock vcore run prime95 to see if itys stable for 12hours

B) no u wont have to increase the agp :)

C) not much maybe about 3C full load

D) i dont have aclue what ABS II is

Edit: maybe its not a good idea to overclock with that high core temp


May 4, 2003
Perth, Western Australia
ABS II is the DIE TEMP... I have a soltek board... as far as i know soltek (up until recently?) were one of the only manufacturers to use the integrated diode in the CPU die to read temps...

The other temp you thought was the die temp was the socket temp (most likely)... I've contacted soltek via email about my ABS (same as ABS II pretty much), and they said it was in fact the CPU die temp... but i'd go by the socket temp as MOST motherboard manufacturers use the socket method (so when some bloke goes "its running at 53C load", thats most likely socket...).

Good luck,



polka dot ninja
Dec 23, 2002
Doylestown, PA
What chipset does the Soltek Golden Flame motherboard run?

I would guess that you will be able to reach that speed as long as you do not have to use dividers......but this goes back to the chipset.

1) I think that 1.7 is a reasonable goal for the speed you are looking for, you may not even have to change the vcore at all
2) If the board uses dividers, the AGP speed will change with the FSB increase. If the board uses a chipset that allows AGP/PCI bus locking, you will not need to increase the PCI or AGP bus.
3) That depends on the ambient temperature of the room, the heatsink you are using, the application of thermal paste, etc..... I would tend to agree with Steven though, maybe 3-5C max.
4) Not too sure about ABS myself, since I have never used a Soltek motherboard.

You may also want to check out me and hitechjb1's guide on overclocking AMD CPU's....may be a helpful read to you if you are as much of a newbie as you say that you are: http://www.ocforums.com/vb/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=207088

Hope that this helps a bit.

With best regards,