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my P4 1.6a overclocking results

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New Member
Mar 13, 2002
my system has been stable at 2.32 GHZ running @ 145 FSB with 1.55 v.

i've gotten my system up to 2.4 GHZ @ 150 FSB with 1.55 v too.

just wanted to share...i'm happy!! :D

ps: the chip was made malaysia.
collimater said:
I didn't mean you had to play with the timing.All at default to.I'm glad this almost seems Goof Proof.Nice oc. Do you notice difference in apps. speed wise.

i can tell that they apps run a lot faster at this speed. all my programs install a lot quicker too. i installed office xp last night and it was done in probaly 3 minutes. i have a 1.8 at work, and it's definitely not as fast as my new computer.

UPDATE: i ran 3dmark2001 and here are some of my results:

6800 with whatever driver came with the disk
6994 with detonator 4 version 27.50

i'm gonna do some oc'ing of my vid card tonight!