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My PC's. How are they for Seti??

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Sep 28, 2002
Juneau Alaska
well for the moment, my main PC is a 2.6C at 3.5 ghz.
hyper threaded and all.
running 216 on the ram with the 5:4 divider.

I have a few spare parts around here, and thought, maybe I can build another one.

so heres what I was thinking.

second PC.

PcChips 266A motherboard.
Thornton 2 ghz.
128 megs of ram.
40 gig HD.
sabre 200 videocard.
windows XP.

I have the motherboard, hard drive and ram laying around.
the motherboard is a pull from a PC I built for someone, who wanted a upgrade to a NF2.
they had a thornton in there before so I assume another would be just fine.
the videocard is a cheap one from the refurbs coming from newegg.

how does that sound for a second PC and BOINC Seti??

I am just wondering if the Xp is even worth bothering with.
thats why I am asking here.
I have little to no experience running seti on the Xp's as it's been so long since I used a Xp CPU. I am just wondering how they hold up at producing WU's compared to my P4.

I have a spare 3.0C here.
I was thinking of picking up a P4P800 cause they are so cheap ($50 used) and some cheap 3200 ram, and pop my 3 gig hard drive on it, and le that thing slave away too.
that one I know I could OC alittle and get some extra speed out of.

but thats just a far off idea.
I don't have the money laying around for all this stuff.

the Thornton PC won't be OC'd.
thats kinda why I wonder if it's worth keeping.
if it's not.

I'd just sell it locally, and get something better later.


Just Freeze It
Mar 11, 2003
P4's work alot better than XP's, and especially better than the thornton because of it's limited cache. Could you enable the cache?

I mean, the AMD would still do alright, but the P4's would definatly beat it by a decent margin, especially since it wouldn't be overclocked.

Dk Jedi Allianc

Jan 27, 2003
I believe its a Barton CORE with half the cache.....

EDIT: ohh an in case you wonder: My Barton @2,21 does an avg Boinc WU in 2h 45m (approx)