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My plans for my waterblock

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Apr 16, 2001
I got a piece of copper at a steal and this is how I plan to drill it.
Any thoughts? By my calculations...the 1/4" channels should be plenty to equal (roughly) my 3/8" tubing since it will be flowing through 2 at once. I'm going to use a different method for plugging my holes that I'll tell you all about if it works.

Gonna hook it up to a bong. Got all the parts for it right in front of me. She'll be 4" wide by over 28" tall. I got a wand used for watering plants at Lowes for 8 bucks with a crapload of tiny holes in it for my head.
looks great for a homemade design, just be careful when making it. We want numbers if you make it to see how it performs. Keep us informed!!!!
I will. This will be my second block. The first one didn't persorm the way I wanted. I'm gonna hook it up to my present radiator and see what happens. then I'll hook up the bong. Everyone pray to the overclocking gods for me.
Well, I'm running it now... Looks like it's a 3 degree drop from my last one. Not what I expected, but my radiator isn't the best either. Will start work on my bong in the next couple of days. I will be testing this block further for the next week and keep you posted. It's so hard for me to really tell how it's doing because i have no way of telling ambient temp. Since summer hit, my last one got as high as 49. We'll see.

On an interresting side note. I'm running an a7v133 and I'd heard of Asus probe reporting odd temps from it but I haven't experienced it till now. I can only guess that it might have something to do with changing from aluminum to copper, but that seems silly. It just started reporting ver high temps, but MBM still says the lower teps from before.
O.K. I got my bong going and it has dropped my temps by over 5 more degrees. I think I'm happy with my temps now. Interrestingly enough, mine looks more like a still than a bong. When She's all finnished, I'll post some pics.