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My Predicament?

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Jan 3, 2001
Okay I tried out my pump yesterday with my evaporative cooler( Rio 400) it wasn't geting hardly any flow. So here is my predicament about buying a new pump. I have many options here they are and if the prices seem a little wierd I am using coupons from www.dealcatcher.com(great place).
mag drive 350 gph 32.99 (petsmart.com)
mag drive 700 gph 42.99 (petsmart.com)
mag drive 500 gph 49.99 (premiumaquatics.com)
or I can go get the 350 at my local store with no shipping charges.

I would get the 700 but that is sort of a lot of preasure in my system. What pump should I get and do you think that the 700 would be okay? Thanks
How high does the pump have to lift the water? It sounds like that may be your problem. Check the specifications of your pump, and how many GPH it does at the lift level you have it at.
Rio 600 only can output max height @3'!!! so, i personally think rio 400 will be less or equal to that!!! :)
flow height could be a big issue, but being stupid and all, does your showerhead have a flow restriction on it? That would be the source of all your probs if it has that.
i tested the flow rate with the shower head on and off it was barely different no enough to make a difference. I know my pump cant pump it high enough so which model of the mag drive do you guys think i should get?
get the one with the best flow rate at the head(height) you have.
I have a Eheim hobby pump rated 600gph and I have used it at a 4 foot lift and it flows a lot of water. This would be a good pump but it is a little on the pricey side. Also consider using 1/2 inch tubing instead of 3/8. With a large pump it does make a differance in the flow.