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My review on my new DangerDen water kooling kit<Biggest>

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Apr 28, 2001
Kingwood, TX
Welp, I just finished putting it all together. The biggest DangerDen with DD cube, and my Eheim 1250 hobby pump. I now have an idle speed of somewhere around28-30C and my load temp looks to be about 29-32C. I LOVE THIS THING!!! Before I got it installed, I couldn't reach anything over1.36. Now I am running what looks to be stable, at 1.4<10x140>. WOOHOO!! My first water kooling project has become a GREAT success!! And this DD cube and Maze2 copper waterblock is aMAZEing. Anyone who wants an excellent deal, go to DangerDen.com and pick up this badboy of a kit and you will NEVER go back to air cooling. Now all I need is that backordered 156W pelt to come in and I will be set for life. Wish I could just get over 1.85vcore on my ABIT KT7A... Ah well...
Congrats on your success. I had a quick question for you. What are you using to get your temperatures? I just set up a system very similar to you and my temps aren't nearly as good as yours. I am idleing at about 30C and under load I hit about 40C. I am using the thermisistor in the socket. I have it bent up to touch the back of the cpu and I put a dab of thermal grease on the end of it. I am getting the feeling that either that is not very accurate or I don't have something set up right in my system. Thanks for the help!

Shaft I'm betting that since you've bent your thermalsistor it's more accurate. Most people actually read lower than the temps that are real.

Just a guess, but I'll bet he didn't bend the thermal up to touch the cpu? Bet both of you would have the exact same readings under the same circumstances.
Actually, I had to bend mine down to be flush with the socket. My MB came with the thermistor fully extended and my CPU wouldn't sit right. So my thermistor DOES touch the socket, but I have an 80mm intake at the front of the case. I also have a slot exhaust fan right under my vid card for exhastion out the back, and I have an Enermax 350W PSU that has a fan on the bottom right NEXT to the CPU for even further cooling of the block. I have a bay cooler in the top slot above my CDRW turned upside down to exhaust all the trapped hot air at the top of my case. All in all, I took no precautions in cooling my case and my CPU. Thats why my readings are so low. MBM5.5 says 26C at idle right now, and SiSoft says 28.1. So I use 2 different thermal software to determine my temps. Hope this gives a good idea to any that wants EXTREME cooling like I do. I love the cold...