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My Senfu Cooler is gonna kill my CPU!!!! HELP

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New Member
May 23, 2001
Hey guys

I'm really frustrated now because: I purchased my Senfu CPU cooler (H20 or so...) and a Senfu Dual Radiator and an Eheim 1048 pump. After having installed everything properly I put on my PC just to see that my CPU has a temp of 56°C @1333 (not overclocked). So what can I do there? The cooler is installed rightly on the socket. But since my pump makes strange noises I have to use a T-part in order to divide the water (the other water goes directly back to my reservoir). So it might be that my pump is not strong enough, because the water doesn't seem to be much pressured...does it have to? I mean it's circulating but not on a big pressure. So what could the problem be for my TB1333 @ 60-70°C???? Please help me...
Take it off! Put a HSF on...hehe. Try upgrading the pump? Or shortining the amount of tubing your using? Put the res above the case maybe gravity will help? Try rubbing baby oil all over yourself and posting images in the forums? I can promise you the last suggestion will help I am just not sure you will get the desired results...(-:
Why exactly do you need to send some water straight back to the reservoir? I would have thought you wanted max flow rate!!! Is your pump self priming?

P.S. Don't use T-pieces use Y-pieces