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my stuff sucks, time to renew.

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caddi daddi

Godzilla to ant hills
Jan 10, 2012
Soooooooooooooooooooooo, Guys, I just found out all my Phenom II rigs are no longer relevant. I, for one, think this sucks, but that's life in the gutter.
This turn of affairs leaves me with four cases for which I will be having to drain and refill of motherboard, cpu and ram.
These will all need to be all amd rigs this time around, without even and nvidia card in them because Vega will be here soon also, and I MUST have Vega, the great Willie Post flew a Loghead Vega, so there.
In unusual caddi fashion, I have done my research first (I believe in measure once and cut three times) and came to the collusion that the Asus Crosshair VI is the board for me, but that's research, we just put that right out with the cat and go with the gut feeling and that brings me to the Asus Crosshair VI, so I'll go with my gut feeling this time around.
These will have some shoes to fill and very heavy lifting ahead of them as I just don't use them any more and collecting dust and looking pretty is tough work!!!!!!!
but as Hank Johnston, the congressman from somewhere in Atlanta once said of the Philippines, if AMD leaves, the house might become out of balance and fall over.
And this brings the question, what boards would you suggest?

let me make one thing clear about these chips, if you're not playing a DX12 game, these chips are fine for just about anything you want to do.
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What are the uses for the 4 rigs? Will they all be overclocked? I know you bought that monster case not long ago but what size boards do you need for the others?

Maybe one at a time is the more appropriate way to approach this? LOL NAH!

EDIT: Also, Is DX12 really the end of all your rigs...at once?
uses, look pretty, collect dust, get drug out and benched once in a while, play toys in general.

I will need one top of the line, monster to back up for my Plant Vogtel Emulator.

all my cases are Matx thru atx so form factor is only a minor issue.

DX12 is no issue at all in day to day use, none of my games are DX12, but bench marking, with the release of time spy will become more of an issue as time goes by.
( and the fanbouy inside has got to come out.).
The CHVI is a great board C_D, you're gonna like it. I'm assuming you'll be getting the 8 core variant? The only differences are the voltage /clock IMO. You stand a better chance of getting a higher clock with the 1800x and will be more tolerant to voltage but realistically, 4.0 is about where they all tend to run out of gas with ambient cooling so the choice there is yours and your budgets. For memory, if you want the least painful adventure as in set DOCP and go then I would recommend the G.Skill Tri Z 3200 CL14. It works right out of box at 3200 CL14 so not a bunch of ***** footin to get it working.
Ya, unfortunately Ryzen isn't a great overclocking chip like FX or Phenom II's. You definitely get more bells and whistles with the CHVI but I'm not sold that it's worth it. Especially with a cap at around 4.0Ghz.
there will be at least 1 1800X, to back up Plant Vogtel with the 6800K and that build will have to happen pretty quickly as one core is failing and I need to take it off line to try to rma the chip so it will be off line a bit and the 9590 is just way to slow.
looking at some that are doing real work with the 1800X, I see that it is a worthy sub for the 6800K, not quite up to par in single thread but close enough in multi thread and that is what counts in this application.
what is in question is how the rig will get along with 2 monster quadros, but what I have seen of others using lesser compute units it's not going to be an issue.
The cards will run at PCIe Gen3 x8 if using both. Likely not an issue