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My Thermaltake 900 Build!

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Dec 4, 2016
Finally finished my T-900 Build! This was my first time bending PETG tube and my first all water cooled setup. I am an electrician and bend PVC and pipe on the reg lol. I hope you guys enjoy the photos and also thank you for the comments and advice in previous threads. :attn:

Watertcooling & lighting specs:

Thermaltake 900 Tower (Black)
EKWB HDC Fittings and some XSPC fittings (that I ran out of EK's)
EKWB GTX-1080 GPU water block with black back plate
EKWB CPU EVO Supremacy water block
Ball drain valves on both pumps/resi's and rads
EK-Coolstream XE 480 and 240
EK-Cable fan splitters/extensions with speed signal
EK-HD PETG Tube 10/12mm
EK-Vardar F4-Fans (120's for rads (x6) and 140's for case (x4)
Mayhems Ultra H2o, UV Dye & Biocide
CableMod WideBeam Foam Adhesive LED Strip UV - 60cm / 30 LEDs
Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 Silent Kit Reservoir/Pump Combo (x2)

System Specs:
EVGA-G3 power supply 1000w
MSI X99A Godlike Gaming Carbon Extended MB
Intel i7-6850K
Nvidia GTX-1080 Founders Edition Graphics Card
32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200 Ram
Intel 750 PCI Express Solid State Drive (800GB)
x2 PNY CS1311 960GB Solid State Drives

Overclocked to 4.4Gz stable

IMG_20161221_223525 (Large).jpg IMG_20161221_221237 (Large).jpg IMG_20161221_221246 (Large).jpg IMG_20161221_221200 (Large).jpg IMG_20161221_223603 (Large).jpg IMG_20161221_223517 (Large).jpg IMG_20161221_221208 (Large).jpg IMG_20161220_203154 (Large).jpg IMG_20161220_203115 (Large).jpg IMG_20161220_204100 (Large).jpg IMG_20161221_223548 (Large).jpg IMG_20161221_223530 (Large).jpg


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Dec 4, 2011
Satan's Colon, US
Very nice! I love the look of hard tubing. I like the different colors for different component cooling, too. Looks well thought out and well done! :thup:


Dec 4, 2016
Very nice! I love the look of hard tubing. I like the different colors for different component cooling, too. Looks well thought out and well done! :thup:

Appreciate the kind comments. It was my first full water cooled setup and with petg bending but as a commercial electrician for my day job it didn't take me long to learn the tolerance of petg. It was a blast to build and my total cost was just under 4300.


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May 10, 2017
TT 900 questions

Hi Joe,

I found your build as I was trying to get a parts list for the TT 900 case so appreciate you listing your parts there. I had called thermaltake but they didn't have a parts list for any sort of cooling for this case, which considering they sell all the parts and the case is kind of odd.

I built up a liquid cooling system years ago and didn't think much on draining it in case of leak or swapping parts so am wondering how would you do this on your setup? The one I'd be building up has 2 GTX 980ti's in it. I was thinking maybe on the return line from the bottom of the radiator prior to going into the tank to add a drain valve on the back side of the case (assuming these are available). Also, see that you have some PNY fittings with a slight bend to them, are those part of the tank / pump kit?



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May 22, 2017
I have been doing a build in this case and inteterested in what you did. I think that drawing fresh air into the front case and spitting it out the rear so that the heat from the rads does not spill forward. What is your take on this and what did you finally decided.



Jul 26, 2004
Nice enough build that I will be checking it out when I'm off mobile .

Cheers from another electrian. (Red Seal Canada)