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my thoughts and questions

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Oct 11, 2001
so there i am sitting through another briefing(Stupid air force) and im thinking about this rather small refrigerator i saw at walmart last night...i mean small like maybe a 15"X15" cube. it had enough room to hold a radiator and a 6 pack..okay maybe a 12. anyway it had a little tray it used to hold the ice it made. i was thinking of fabricating a new larger tray for that section to hold the radiator. I know this is possible but i just don't understand the logistics behind it. i mean it would be way colder than room temperature so im afraid of condensation forming on the tubing and possibly hitting components.i could make the rig easily with the tools we have at work..maybe take me one hour to make the tray and the waterclocks. okay 2 if im having an off day on the cnc or the welder for that matter. but anyway id drill some holes in the side of the fridge and weld a fitting to the fridge. then on to the radiator. same thing on the way out.putting the rig in the pc shouldn't be too hard. taking everything out and running all the wires.yay all 10 fans will be gone.less wires. but im still concerned about condensation on the tubes. is this a problem? should i even worry about it? what kind of pump would i need to run a rig like this. an eheim 1250 or something?theyd be right next to eachother on the desk.. ...ack okay im rambling...goodnight


May 27, 2002
Dallas Tx
im not completely sure i understand what you want to do, but if you are basically just planning on putting your radiator in the fridge so you can blow colder air on it, then in dont think you have to worry about your tubes ketting frosty. i mean it cant hurt your cooling and i dont know much about refridgeration, but i wouldnt think it would improve cpu temps by more than two or three degrees


BANNED TROLL -Per Silversinksam
Jul 2, 2002
Newport News, Virginia
you're right to worry about condensation, since you'll be cooling the water to below the dewpoint, you'll need some insulation on the tubing, and some neoprene and silicone to go around your cpu socket. just search around on the forums, and you'll find other people who have done essentially the same thing that you're thinking of doing. Just use the search button at the top, and enter "refrigerator"

btw, good to see that you air-dales are using your heads :D
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