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My time with Ryzen

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Sim Racing Aficionado Co-Owner
Jun 28, 2012
It takes ground up coding, called a patch for game performance improvements. BF1 is a example of a game with DX12 patch that runs better on DX11. I'm not holding my breath on AMDs x86 architecture running better than i5 6600k with different game coding.

Just going to quote what Alaric said to you so I don't say the same thing twice...

Unless you need the Ryzen's performance in other, multi threaded areas and the gaming performance is a happy addition to its capabilities. I probably wouldn't buy the 8c/16t just for gaming at present. Then again, I didn't buy a 4c/4t for gaming either. If buying a 4c chip today (or six months ago. LOL) I would get a 4c/8t. And did.


Aug 1, 2012
Having programmers in the family, and doing it myself for a while I feel that it will take time to code, patch, optimize, and get people into writing & developing for AMD Ryzen platform since is been an Intel world for the longest time. Now that AMD has a good platform to work with, I see many good things coming up, and forcing Intel not to sit on their butts any longer. It is honestly a good thing for both Fans of AMD and Intel that this is happening now. Is good for those of us can't afford better systems that were AMD/Intel too. So in my opinion I think everyone win on this. I just hope AMD continue to develop on this platform and really start to shine with their CPU and Radeon GPU. It will create better business I think for both companies and those joining the PC technology hardware world. =)