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my understanding the FOP32 is a great cooler right?

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If you're not OCing, the FOP-32 is a good 'un. But wait, it gets better! It's easy to tie wrap say, a 42.5 cfm Sunon 80mm case fan to the top of the FOP's. Better cooling, and no noise from a Delta 38.
The GW FOP32 is exactly the same as the GW FOP38 except it uses a less powerful and less noisy fan. I have found that if you use that heatsink and the Sunon high output 80mm fan like Klosters suggested, that this setup gives you about the best bang for your buck. That's what I'm currently using right now and love it. The two little wire spring clips that hold the 60mm fan onto the sink can be stretched to fit the 80mm fan.
I have a tb1200 @ 1450 (1.87v)...in total 91w of heat...I'm using a FOP32 (highly polished with silver grease) and getting 39.7C after full benchmarks...case open though and a cool room at 18C.

The FOP 32 is good for any PIII which is much lower in heat output than the TB's or Durons.

I'm upgrading the cooling to a Swiftech M462 just to cope with the huge heat output of the chip at this speed...I have actually benched it at 1501 but it locked up saving the results and I lost them. Pic of the temp attached after benches