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my wallet is already crying

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Dec 1, 2016
I think I am gonna move from my AIO to all EK custom/hardlined.

my wallet is already crying. advice?

Tír na nÓg

Sep 19, 2015
Why do you want to move to a custom hard-line? Except from the look, you won't get any performance increase...


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May 22, 2011
bad q/c with Swiftech. First unit leaked all over my 1080's and fried my psu

(if you look at swiftech forums) people are trying to rally for class action lawsuit.

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With all do respect, I've had great experiences with Swiftech products over the years and many have as well with their AIO kits. Their kits are different than say the sealed AIOs from Corsair, NZXT and the likes. As much as some will hate to hear this, these are kits are no different than kits sold by EK and other custom watercooling companies sell, only that they include their own products to it. Granted the pump performance might differ.

Regardless, I'm not pointing fingers here but it's the duty of the customer to do their homework on the basic and needs of water cooling like priming pumps, getting bubbles out and leak testing. From what I see, some average folks are just buying these kits and setting and forgetting them. You still need to go through a process, just like people with complete custom systems do. If there are leaks and catastrophic things happen, I'm sorry to hear this but that is the risk involved in water cooling and it can be a expensive one but it doesn't always happen to those that follow the basics. You want to figure out if the product is faulty before powering everything up. For example, I've read several comments from the link you posted and it seems there's quite a few that are misinformed. One person didn't know he had trapped air in his pump as most go through and assumed he had a bad pump. This is a PR nightmare for a small business who's been in the game for so long when being lashed at. I'm sure this happens to all the companies.

Nonetheless, dependent on the policy of said water cooling company, they usually do replace their faulty products. I know from Corsair's AIOs (Non-expandable) policy, if it hasn't changed, they'll comp the customer to a certain cap if say, one of their AIOs was faulty and had a catastrophic leak.

Regardless, sorry you had to go through that.
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Jan 1, 2008
Colorado Springs, CO
I think I am gonna move from my AIO to all EK custom/hardlined.

my wallet is already crying. advice?
My advice, assuming your mind is made up, is the following:

For a first build, go soft-tube. It's super easy to work with, and cheap.
I'd also recommend compression fittings, as they are easy to install.
Lastly, I'd recommend getting some parts used where you can to save on cost. I did, and my loop was ALOT cheaper because I did. Also, my first build sucked. 2/4 parts I got ended up being too crammed in the case, but I had a much better idea what would fit. See links below:

First build: http://www.overclockers.com/forums/...-thread-v2-0?p=7933765&viewfull=1#post7933765

Second build(tore down for selling parts): http://www.overclockers.com/forums/...-thread-v2-0?p=7982877&viewfull=1#post7982877

I even had a res that didn't fit when I did a test fit before the first build went in. Just some food for thought.

On the swiftech side, I have a used water block and a pump in my last build from them. Both have been great. I'm sorry you are experiencing this with them.