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my waterblock+ a nifty cooling idea

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Feb 13, 2001
i just finished building my budget watercooling system, in total it cost me $30cdn. and with my duron 700@1050 and 1.9vcore im getting temps at no more than 36c at max load.

i made the waterblock from an old heatsink and a 4' PVC cap, and for $2 it does a damn good job:)

oh, and i also have found a nifty way to drop another 5-7c by putting a socket7 or 486 fan on-top of the waterblock. basically its positioned so air blows directly in the tiny gap between the processor and the waterblock. cuz the core sticks out a little bit there is still room for heat to build up around it, so i just blow it outta there. there is a pic here: http://www.geocities.com/biztyke1/block.html to better explain, plus pics of how i built my waterblock.

right now that little fan is just sitting over the block, but im gonna make some ducting for it. before i put that fan there i was getting temps of 41c at max, now like i said it never goes above 36c:)
Great looking waterblock! I was puzzed as to how you were going to seal it togeather until I saw the good old J B WELD. you shouldn't have to worry about it leaking. I have in the past used it to repair holes in the primry case of my old H.D. Never had it to leak until the chain got loose and busted it again. What are you using for a radiator? Well good luck and happy o\cing
Thats a nice home brewed wet rig!

What are you running for a radiator? If you still don't have one, there is a fine article on the frontpage about restoring heatercores for use as a radiator. http://www.overclockers.com/tips250/ Hey that radiator looks just like mine . . . . . Oh wait, it is mine :D
actually i am using an old heater core i got for $5 form a junkyard, works like a charm, nice article btw:)

yeah, good ol JB weld....a fiddler like me cant live without it. i use that stuff everywhere, fixin and building little pet projects. very handy stuff, and tough too:) im sure not worried about leaks....besides, i ran it through a 36 hour test before i put the system in my pc...perfectly watertight.
You bring up a good point. Though I have not migrated to water cooling yet, I wondered about the lack of airflow near the CPU. With my current setup, airflow is no problem. Thanks for sharing that with us.

i have a question for you guys(and anyone else). im happy with my home brewed system, cheap and effective...but i have not been able to figure out a good waterblock mounting thingy. all im using now is a normal heatsink fastener with a few pieces of metal to extend the ends. im almost positive that it is not mounting as flush as i would want it too with the core.

soooo...if anyone has any links, tips or ideas on how i might go about making a descent mounting device for my waterblock i would be very appreciative:)