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---My Watercooling Disaster---

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World's Biggest E-Thug
Feb 9, 2002
well, lots of ya are wondering why i sold all of my cooling stuff.
i just got tired and a close scare pushed me over the edge.

i was went to go get my pizza in the oven and while i was walking

LMAO, just imagine it, my whole res was emptied into my case before i was able to turn the pump off.

i was using 3/8 tygon on a 1/2 Dtek spiral with NO CLAMPS or
anything, i was askin for trouble.

so i clean everything up with lots of towels, dissasemble on
compuer and lay it all on towwels to dry out.

i let it dry for an hour, and rebooted...no go.

so i look around and my paint job on my mobo has turned into some gelly stuff. i get out a can
of compressed air, and blow all of my cards and the mobo.

then i get a hair dryer and dry everything ghetto style. then
i replace the battery and clean it out cuz i had guck all over it.

place it all back in.....beep...w00t! all works. nothing died, it's
all good. :D

so now i run my 1600+ tbred on an ax-7 and one of my custom
UV 52 CFM red fans. 190x10 @1.80vcore. i am only losing about
250mhz to my chilled water setup, no real difference.



Sep 9, 2002
under the floorboards
If you werent using clamps or anything- why did you just abandon ship there? Double clamps and silicone should keep anything like that from happening again.


Jul 7, 2001
I'm just the opposite. I don't think I'll be going back to air cooling in the near future. It's just too loud for good performance. I'll just take extra precautions to avoid disasters.


Senior Member
Dec 30, 2000
New Jersey
Zelda Compost said:
If I could have that kind of luck, I'd try and overclock everything! :)


umm....his luck isn't really good or bad. Yeah, all his hardware still works, but he also had a giant leak in the first place!

The Spyder

Mar 25, 2002
i have been very lucky....... but am abandoing watercooling, my main machine...... all my servers...... all my folding boxes for antoher reson...... im in collgeg next year..... i will have 2x shuttle P4 3gig machines and 2x 18.1inch dell lcds as BOTH my computers~ its all i need and every will need for now...... i dont wish to try to watercool something thats already silent......


Mar 13, 2002
saratoga, ca
no clamps?

just to set me straight... when you say 'no clamps' you mean the clamp for the waterblock onto the cpu? or clamping the hose into the barbs of the waterblock?

one reason I ask, is I just replaced my cheapie aluminum Iceberg cpu waterblock with a swiftech MCW372 and it uses those quick releases. I had a bit of trouble at first (they recommended using these tiny plastic inserts into the hose but I could not get the hose in) - I tested once and got leaks (I always test outside of the case first and with the case/mobo power off). Then I figured out I needed to push the hose in until it hurt and the quick releases stuck on good! I coudl not pull it out and I shook the hell out of it when I tested. No leaks.

I know I could have went with those elbows (MCW372b - I think) but it would actually make it difficult to run the hose... until I get new hose which should arrive today.

anyway - what do you mean by no clamps, and am I running any more of a risk using the quick clamps as opposed to barbs.